Black History Month

Black LGBT Heroes
Black History Month Heroes

Throughout February on the Gay-Straight Alliances Facebook we will be recognizing the African American heroes who have made significant contributions to the LGBT and safe schools movement. Click here and keep reading all month long for new additions!

Our Black History Month Heroes downloadable flier has information about six notable Black History Month heroes. It's perfect for sharing. Print off copies and pass them out to members of your GSA, teachers and fellow classmates.

We want to know who your heroes are! If you know someone who has contributed to the LGBT and safe schools movement, post about them on the Gay-Straight Alliances Facebook page. You can also tweet your heroes to @DayofSilence using the #GLSENBHM hash tag!

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Go to the Gay-Straight Alliances Facebook page and @DayofSilence Twitter (don't forget to use #GLSENBHM).

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Read Do Something's Background on Racial Discrimination and then Do Something! Here are 11 things that suggests you can do for Black History Month.

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