May 03, 2013

>8,000 Schools: Was Yours Counted?

>Last year students from nearly 8,000 middle and high schools, a record-breaking number, participated in the Day of Silence. Wow—that’s amazing! How do we know? Because students registered their DOS observance at our sister site:

This year, we need YOU and ALL your friends to register too.

Sure, we know it takes a few minutes, but don’t miss the point: we need to know how many people participate in the Day of Silence to help promote the huge positive impact the event makes in schools across country. By registering, you are helping us prove that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed. So we need each and every participant to register!

As of today we know there are over 2,500 schools where a Day of Silence will be held on April 17th.

Remember: Don’t just participate, REGISTER!

Not only will you be counted, GLSEN will mail you stickers and speaking cards that you can use on the Day of Silence. It’s just one way we say, “Thanks!”


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