October 17, 2010

>Get Ready! Ally Week starts Monday!


Ally Week is almost here!

Ally Week, October 18-22, is a week for students to organize events that serve to identify, support and celebrate Allies to LGBT youth. Whether you’ve been planning for weeks or are just getting started now, there are plenty of things you can do for Ally Week!

  • MAKE SURE TO REGISTER your participation in Ally Week so we can have an accurate number of how many people participated. Click here to register!
  • Spread the word on Facebook! Change your status to one of the following:
    • I’m proud to be an Ally to LGBT youth! Celebrate Ally Week, Oct 18-22. Learn more at allyweek.org
    • Be an Ally. Be the Change. Celebrate Ally Week, Oct 18-22. Learn more at allyweek.org

  • Spread the word on Twitter! Tweet about your Ally Week experience using the #AllyWeek hash tag to spread the word! And see about the #AllyWeek Twitter Contest below!
  • Don’t have anything planned? You can still participate! Check out the Ally Week Action guide or 10 Things You Can Do for Ally Week, both available at AllyWeek.org/action.
  • Be visible! Yellow is the official AW color, so if everyone participating wears yellow you'll be sure to stand out. And don’t forget t-shirts, buttons, stickers, face-paint—these are all ways you can help draw attention to your action.
  • Be respectful! Ally Week is about ending anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in school. To do this, it's important to treat people with respect. There are likely people at your school who will try to challenge your activities or your beliefs. Treat these people not as they treat you but with the same respect you hope to be treated with. Remember, Ally Week is a peaceful action!

If you have any questions or ideas, or if you want to tell us what you’re planning for your Ally Week please email us at info@allyweek.org


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