April 16, 2010

>Message from GLSEN ED Eliza Byard About Importance of Day of Silence


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A message to Day of Silence participants from GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard:

Dear Friends:

The Day of Silence, perhaps more than any other day on the calendar, makes visible the efforts of amazing student leaders and remarkable community volunteers all over the country. I am so proud of the partnership that GLSEN has had with Day of Silence organizers everywhere for the past decade. Together, we have built this event into a powerful annual reminder of the urgent need for action on anti-LGBT behavior and bias in our schools.

I cannot thank you enough for your courage and leadership. As you go through your day, remember that you are not alone. Today your efforts are part of a nationwide effort involving hundreds of thousands of other students in all fifty states. The numbers we know so far indicate that we are on our way to the biggest nationwide observance of the Day of Silence yet!

Here at the GLSEN headquarters we will be tracking the numbers and any stories that come in as the day goes on. Right now, the number of individual students registered is up 60% from last year, and the number of individual schools represented is up 35%.

Please make sure to let us know what is happening in your community. If you haven’t registered, please click on the register button at www.dayofsilence.org, so that we can let the world know the full scope and power of the work that you all will do today.

Please send us your stories and reflections, and let us know if we can share them with the national community taking part in the Day of Silence today. Congratulations and thank you! May you have a safe and successful Day of Silence, and remember that our staff is here to support you.

Eliza Byard, PhD
Executive Director


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