October 20, 2009

>Tell Us Your Ally Week Stories

>We at GLSEN love to hear about the organizing you’re doing to make schools safer and to end anti-LGBT bullying and harassment. Organizers use Ally Week to identify Allies against anti-LGBT language, bullying and harassment. Jenna, a high school senior and GSA President from Hastings, Minn., sent us an email telling us why Ally Week is so important to her. Even though she says there’s a lot of intolerance at her school, during Ally Week she’s able to find new Allies:

“I get so much support from others students, people I don’t even know. It’s amazing what you can do with just some t-shirts and posters. I’m sad that it’s my last year in high school, but maybe I can come back during Ally Week next year and help out.”

What are you doing for Ally Week? Send us an email at info@allyweek.org with your Ally Week stories and your story could be featured on this blog.


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