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Financial Support for GSAs

Leif Mitchell was an invaluable member of GLSEN Connecticut’s Board of Directors from the 90’s through the spring of 2013 when he relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. He spent many of those years as a co-chair for the Connecticut Chapter. Because of the amount of hard work and dedication he devoted to the work of GLSEN, the Connecticut Board felt that it was most appropriate to rename the award after him in honor of his selfless commitment to making schools safe for ALL students. Amounts of up to $200 can be allocated to schools and GSAs to help support GLSEN’s mission of creating safe schools for all.

These funds can be used for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to) funding events (e.g., Day of Silence) or guest speakers, travel expenses for students to attend LGBT-related conferences and events, and funding for meeting supplies (including snacks).  GLSEN Connecticut also supplies funds for schools and GSAs to purchase Safe Space Kits and No Name Calling Week Kits.

Resource Downloads

Leif E. Mitchell Safe Schools Fund Award: Cover Sheet

GLSEN Connecticut- Leif Mitchell Safe Schools Award Application