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Student Leaders Reflect on Their Student Org. Training and the Transgender Day of Remembrance


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“Overall, I had so much fun meeting new people, reuniting with old friends, engaging in new activities on GLSEN’s mission and purpose, and sharing all the great food! Developing our very own workshop proposals for the True Colors Conference helped me grow as a student leader because it gave me the chance to offer my own knowledge and skills on different safe school topics. I realized how important my voice is since I plan to be heard as much as possible.”

-     Maize Maldonado, Junior, Ansonia High School










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“My favorite part of training was when we learned our leadership styles. It taught me how to cooperate with people with different leadership styles and I now feel like a more flexible leader. I would also love to recreate the pride flag activity with my GSA! My pride flag not only reflected my multiple identities but also reminded me of the things that inspired me to become who I am today. It was a great way to get me motivated, and I'd love to share this activity with my school.”

-       Gray Sailor, Senior, Metropolitan Learning Center







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“For me, the Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day to reflect on the world I live in and how so many lives can be taken because of ignorance and fear. But I am so thankful for my own life and the lives of other transgender people I know. Much to my dismay, many members of my GSA did not know the day existed or the horrifying statistics showing the high levels of bullying and harassment targeting transgender and gender non-conforming students. I feel a responsibility to my school community and those lost in the last year to inform people of the significance of the day.”

-       Alex Cavanagh, Junior, Amity Regional High School


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