Resources for Educators

Apr 28, 2012

All of GLSEN Research, Lesson Plans, and even the Safe Space Kit can be downloaded here free of charge:



Curricula and Lesson Plans

ThinkB4YouSpeak Language awareness campaign

Tolerance Teaching Tolerance is a site devoted to the development of educational resources

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union

FacingHistory Curricula and Programs through facing adversity

NotInOurTown Not In Our Town Diversity Program

Anti-Defamation Anti-Defamation League

GLAAD Gay and Lesbian Anti-Defamation League

ItGetsBetter It Gets Better Project


Resources about Bullying

HealthandHumanServices US Dept. of Health and Human Services




BulliesInBooks Northeast Ohio Local Trainer and Author CJ Bott, includes list of hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles

Resources about Suicide Prevention

Lifeline - Suicide Prevention Lifeline

TrevorProject The Trevor Project (LGBT)

AFSP American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

SAVE Suicide Awareness Voices of Education


GLSEN Supported Days of Action for School Communities

AllyWeek Ally Week during October

NoNameCalling No Name Calling Week during January

DayOfSilence Day of Silence during April

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