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    Register your participation, Shop in our GLSEN store, and Organize in your school to find new allies & better everyone's allyship.

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    Research and evaluation are the backbone of our work. Check out our reports on LGBT issues in education, bullying and a whole lot more. Learn about the problems LGBT students face and the solutions proven to make a difference.

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GLSEN Tucson
3418 East 3rd Street
Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: 520-360-5977
Email: tucson@chapters.glsen.org

Latest News and Announcements

  • Safe Schools Improvement Act (S. 403 / H.R. 1199)

    Safe Schools Improvement Act (S. 403 / H.R. 1199)

    Bullying creates an environment where students don’t feel safe, and can’t learn. Learn how the Safe Schools Improvement Act requires schools to enact anti-bullying policies that protect all students, including LGBT students, from bullying.

  • Educators! Support Your GSA!

    Want to build or strengthen a GSA at your school? Watch this webinar for information, guidance and resources!


    Changing the Game: GLSEN Sports Project



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