May 21, 2014

Glitter, Pride and Hat Tips to the Class of 2014

Each year students from around the country don their caps and gowns and participate in an important milestone: graduation. While research tells us that LGBT students face bullying and harassment at higher rates than their non-LGBT classmates, students from all over the country share with us the positive impacts their GSA has had on their lives. GSAs, they say, serve as a sanctuary and a place of support and affirmation of their identities. They are safe spaces where students can find the support they need to thrive in school and continue on their journey in life. 

We asked students affiliated with GSAs what they are planning to do after they graduate. Here are some student highlights. 

  • Katiayna (NV) - studying Environmental Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Kyle (MI) - studying Global Affairs at Yale University
  • Nadah (TN) - enlisting in the Air Force; future surgeon
  • Zac (PA) - studying at a Community College, then Ball State University or Lock Haven University
  • Daniel (NC) - studying Political Science: International and Comparative Politics at Appalachian State University
  • Taurean (MA) - studying Sustainable Landscape Architecture at a local community college
  • Erica (OH) - studying Environmental Engineering at a local college
  • Louie (MA) - studying Psychology at Salem State University
  • Tyler - studying Software Engineering
  • Chelsea (OH) - joining the ROTC and studying Biology at a local college in Ohio; future doctor in the Army
  • Danielle (AZ) - studying Political Science while minoring in Business and Women & Gender Studies in Arizona
  • Jose (CA) - studying Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu; future pastry chef
  • Lii (PA) - studying International Relations while minoring in linguistics or business at New York University
  • Emily (OH) - studying nursing 
  • Kiann (PA) - studying pre-law at the University of Miami

It’s perfect that graduation season intersects with LGBT Pride Month. We cannot think of anything more fitting since it is truly a moment of pride for students who have made it (dare we say with flying colors) and for those of us on the sidelines, who know there is not enough glitter in the world to capture how proud we are to witness the next generation of world leaders turn their tassel and begin their post-graduation life. 

To the Class of 2014, congratulations! We're proud of you! 

(There might be some extra love if you click on the gif!) 

Ikaika Regidor

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Ikaika is the Field Services Manager at GLSEN where he supports over 38 Chapters across the United States in local programming. // @_politikai // pronouns: he/him/his & they/them/their

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