Local School Climate Survey

Since the first National School Climate Survey was conducted in 1999, GLSEN has heard from members of local GLSEN chapters and from  Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) that they want to do the GLSEN survey in their community or their school. Because of this, GLSEN created the Local School Climate Survey (LSCS). It is similar to the national survey except it is a survey that can be given to all students, not just LGBT students.

About the LSCS

Two versions of the LSCS were developed to be used by local communities. The "School-Based (pdf)" version was developed as a tool to be used to assess the climate of a single school. The "Community-Based (pdf)" version is appropriate when assessing multiple schools or assessing the experiences of students in a particular city or town. If you would like to use the LSCS in a non-school-based capacity, the "Community-Based" version is most appropriate.

The LSCS provides users with:

1.    a sample participant letter,
2.    tips for conducting a Local School Climate Survey,
3.    a survey form.


The attached PDF version of the survey will provide you with a printer-ready version of the survey that you may reproduce on your own.

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