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No Name-Calling Week Middle School (6-8) Lessons

Are you looking for lessons or activities to develop your school’s No Name-Calling Week?
Look to the right and find a variety of lessons centered on teaching respect and inclusion. Anyone who wants to work towards eliminating harmful name-calling, harassment and bullying in their school can be a part of No Name-Calling Week, whether you are a teacher, student, guidance counselor, coach, librarian or bus driver. Let us know you're participating by registering here!
Are You Part of the In-Crowd?
Students think about the impact of group labels and social hierarchies on their sense of identity, self-esteem, and the way they socialize with others
Beauty is Skin Deep
Students learn about media literacy and examine media images for "attractiveness messages" that impact our attitudes and behavior towards others.
Blow the Whistle on Name-Calling
This lesson helps students develop a strategy for group self-monitoring of name-calling in the Physical Education class.
Bullying Op-Ed Piece
Students co-author an op-ed piece focused on ending name-calling and bullying in their school
Creating an Anti-Slur Policy
Students work collaboratively to develop an anti-slur policy for their classroom.
Don't Just Stand By
Students discuss what it means to be a bystander to bullying and brainstorm ways to intervene.
I Was Just Kidding
Student distinguish between good-natured teasing and bullying through discussion of fictional scenarios.
Instant Replay
Students discuss and practice safe and realistic responses to name-calling and bullying by role-playing fictional scenarios. They use the "instant replay" technique, in which they rehearse and retry responses to name-calling, and receive support from their peers.
Learning about Labels
Students explore the damage that applying labels on people based on stereotypes can have.
Name-Calling in Our School
Students are provided with the opportunity to objectively observe the way in which name-calling and other types of disrespectful language are used in school
Poetic Reactions
Students express their feelings regarding name-calling using an artistic form of poetry
Shirts of Empowerment
Students experience what it’s like to be labeled and as a result, develop empathy for those who others label.
Situation Recreation
Students reflect on a name‐calling experience.
Think Before You Act
Students begin by articulating their values regarding conduct toward others and fashioning their statements into a class "code of ethics." They look at why they sometimes stray from their values and participate in hurtful behavior when tempted or pressured
Using Literature as a Tool to End Name-Calling
Guided use of books to help solve problems.
We're All Different Alike
This lesson provides students an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be labeled.
What's in a Name?
Students consider the extent to which name-calling is a part of their lives and the damage that can be done by the names they use so casually



Whether you have a minute, hour or afternoon, here are eight easy ways you can #CelebrateKindness this No Name-Calling Week!