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Be an Ally to Athletes!

Check out these 10 simple ways to be an ally in sports from Changing the Game: The GLSEN Sports Project

  1. Treat diversity among teammates as a team strength.
  2. Encourage your school to establish gender-neutral team dress codes for travel and game days. 
  3. Display Safe Sports Space stickers in locker rooms, coaches' offices and other athletic spaces in the school. 
  4. Assess your school athletic climate by using this checklist
  5. Support LGBT teammates who choose to identify themselves to others. 
  6. Ensure your school has and implements an anti-bullying policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. 
  7. Wear a pin, tee shirt or wrist band supporting respect for LGBT student athletes. 
  8. Encourage your athletic department or coach to schedule workshops on LGBT issues in sports. 
  9. Do not make anti-LGBT slurs, jokes, comments, cheers, or slogans and speak up when someone else does. 
  10. Read books or news articles about LGBT issues in athletics to better understand how to make sports respectful and safe for all.