GLSEN's Program

Bring Your A Game

Changing the Game

Forget the ‘B’ Game, Bring Your ‘A’ Game!

Which game are you bringing? When you hear a teammate, coach, opponent, spectator or classmate use names to tease, taunt or bully someone because of such differences as race, sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression or religion, you can choose to bring your ‘A’ game or your ‘B’ game. Which are you?

‘A’ is for Ally

You bring your ‘A’ game when you let others know that namecalling, taunting, bullying and hazing are not ok on your team or in your school. Being an ally means being a leader and standing up for what you believe is right.

‘B’ is for Bystander

You bring your ‘B’ game when you let name-calling, taunting, hazing and bullying to go unchallenged. Bringing your ‘B’ game sends a message that these actions are ok by you.