GLSEN's Programs

Game Plan for Parents

Changing the Game

Inside Game:

Work On Your Own • Learn more about prejudice and discrimination based on such differences as race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and religion • Monitor your beliefs about LGBT people and how they influence your son or daughter • Be a positive role model for your son or daughter on respectful treatment of LGBT coaches and athletes • Assume that LGBT people are on athletic teams and among the coaching and support staff even if they have not identified themselves

One on One: Work with Others • Use language that is inclusive of all athletes and coaches, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression • Encourage your daughter or son to talk to you about any actions by coaches or teammates that are demeaning to individual athletes or groups of people • Communicate to your daughter or son that it is not acceptable to make anti-LGBT slurs, jokes or comments • Talk with your daughter or son to understand questions or stereotypical beliefs they have about playing on teams with LGBT teammates or coaches • Encourage young people to stand up for fairness for everyone and to resist peer pressure to be silent or go along with disrespectful or unfair treatment • If your daughter or son is being recruited by a college coach, report any anti-LGBT statements coaches make to their athletic administrator • Talk with other parents about the importance of encouraging young people to appreciate differences and treat all teammates and coaches with respect • Treat all athletes, coaches and other parents fairly and respectfully regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression

Team Work: Changing Policy and Practice • Encourage your school‘s athletic department to sponsor educational programs for athletes, coaches and parents on LGBT issues in sport • Thank coaches and athletic directors when they sponsor educational programs focused on encouraging fairness, safety and respect for all • When considering college athletic programs for your son or daughter, find out if they have non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation and gender identity/expression • Attend athletic department or school-sponsored programs about LGBT issues