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Game Plan for Student Athletes

Changing the Game

Inside Game: Work with Yourself • Learn more about prejudice and discrimination based on such differences as race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and religion • Treat diversity among teammates as a team strength • Judge teammates and coaches on the basis of their character, not their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression • Do not make assumptions about teammates’ or coaches’ sexual orientation or gender identity based on appearance or stereotypes • Do not make assumptions about teammates or coaches based on their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression • Wear a pin, tee shirt or wrist band supporting respect for LGBT people • Understand the important role that allies can play in making athletics safe and welcoming for everyone • Put a Safe Sports Space sticker on your locker or on the locker room door One on One: Work with Others • Treat teammates as you would like to be treated: Be respectful • Respect the rights of all teammates to be safe • Do not make anti-LGBT slurs, jokes or comments • If you are a team leader, use your leadership role to set an example of fairness and respect for other members of the team, including LGBT teammates • Use your visibility and leadership role as an athlete in your school to promote respect for diversity. If you or someone you know is targeted by anti-LGBT discrimination, harassment or violence, tell someone who can help (your parents, a school counselor, a coach, a teacher) • Support LGBT teammates who choose to identify themselves to others Team Work: Policy Changes • Encourage your athletic department or coach to schedule workshops on LGBT issues in sport • Encourage your team to take the GLSEN Sports Project Team Respect Challenge • Start a Safe Sports Space Campaign in your school • Report anti-LGBT comments or actions by coaches or other athletic staff to athletic administrators