#SafeToBe GSA Vision Jamboard

#SafeToBe GSA Vision Jamboard

#SafeToBe GSA Vision Jamboard

Goal: Identify the things that make students feel unsafe at school and to envision and dream of experiencing safety.

Supplies:If working online, Google Jamboards are a good resource and free to use if you have a gmail account. If in person, the supplies needed would be paper or a white board and markers.

Prompt: Imagine you are coming back from summer break where everything changed! Your school, district, state, and federal government created safe and inclusive policies from the list of demands you created. As you attend your first day you realize that it truly is a place you feel safe and included. Build that image with your GSA on this vision board.


SafeToBe Vision Jamboard from the 2020-21 National Student Council


 1   What were your list of demands before summer break? (5 minute brainstorming)

 2   After returning from summer break, what is different about your school that makes it safe and inclusive now that these policies are in place and implemented by educators? (10 minute writing, drawing, image collage. Use Jamboard or paper)

 3   Review your Jamboard or vision board with your group. Share back some of the important pieces that were named.

 4   Taking these visions of a safer school, what are some things you can do now to make these ideas happen?

 5   Keep this vision board as a reminder of what students want and deserve. Use this as a guide for how you participate in advocacy campaigns like Solidarity Week, No Name Calling Week, and Day of Silence.