ThinkB4YouSpeak Guide for Educators of Grades 6-12

“That’s so gay.”

Research shows that slurs like this one are incredibly common in our schools. The crazy part? Most students don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings – they’re just using everyday words and phrases. But as we know, they may be just three little words, but their power to hurt is huge.

In order to address this unintentional-but-all-too-frequent harassment, GLSEN has partnered with The Ad Council to create the first national multimedia PSA campaign to raise awareness among teens and adults about the power their words have to hurt. With knowledge and a simple call to think before speaking, we hope to cut down and prevent the use of homophobic language in our schools.

In the accompanying ThinkB4YouSpeak Guide for Educators, you’ll find everything you need to frame discussions of the ads in class, teach students about the effects of anti-LGBT language, and give them the skills to navigate these issues.

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