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Most schools are still hostile to LGBT students. Despite changes in popular culture, 85% of LGBT students were verbally harassed in the past year, 68% avoided school functions or extracurricular activities and 30% missed at least one day of school in the past month.

All of GLSEN’s work is focused on increasing the presence of four school-based supports, proven by our research to improve LGBT students’ experiences and school climates overall.

If these supports aren’t yet available at your school, click the links below to learn what to do next.

1. Visible, supportive educators

2. Inclusive and affirming policies

3. Inclusive curriculum and resources

4. Student clubs that support LGBT issues, such as a GSA

With these four supports in place, LGBT students do enormously better:
●     Average GPA up from 2.8 to 3.3
●     Absenteeism down from 61% to 17%
●     Likelihood of not considering college cut in half, from 8% to 4%
●     Less depression and risk-taking behavior, higher self-esteem and graduation rates

The four supports benefit non-LGBT students too, reducing bullying and harassment of all kinds, and making everyone more college- and career-ready by being respectful of LGBT diversity.

For more information, contact Rebecca Wolkiewicz at or 646-388-6582.