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#ChooseKindness with Disney Junior

GLSEN is teaming up with Disney Junior to encourage viewers to "Choose Kindness" this October during National Bullying Prevention Month. The "Choose Kindness" campaign is designed to inspire kids, families, and change-makers around the country to put an end to bullying. GLSEN has collaborated with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center to create a resource with Disney Junior's new show, Vampirina. The Kindness Kit includes four activities for students K-6. You can share your kindness activity photos using #choosekindness!

The Cover of the Disney Jr resource that introduces Vampiric and the following activity

Kindness Poem

Materials: printout of Kindness Poem

Encourage children to use the letters in the word KINDNESS to write a poem about being kind. Then, hang it on your fridge or wall as a daily reminder! 

Words of Kindness

Materials: one small ball

Have 3 or more children sit in a circle. Start by having one child say something kind to someone else, then tossing or rolling the ball across to that person. Continue around the circle, using the sentence starters below to guide the conversation:“I like when you...”

“You are really good at...”

“Thank you for...”

“It was nice of you to...”

Try it with a ball of yarn to make a web of kindness.

Kindness Craft

Materials: rocks, paint, decorative crafts of your choice 

Give each child a rock to decorate. Encourage children to express their own unique style in a rock that reflects their interests and personality.

Children may share their rocks, giving them to a friend or leaving them in a place where they can brighten someone’s day. Children can also place all their rocks together in a garden or bowl, appreciating how everyone’s unique rocks create something interesting and beautiful. 

Kindness Jar

Materials: paper, scissors, writing utensil, jar or bucket 

Brainstorm ways to show kindness towards others. Write down your ideas on individual strips of paper, and choose one to do each day. For example:

• Invite someone to play
• Care for your pet
• Play a game with a friend or family member
• Help with household chores
• Send a card to a family member or a friend
• Make someone smile or laugh

Content Contributed by: PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and GLSEN