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Educators! Support Your GSA!

Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) can improve school climate for LGBT students.

Check out this webinar for information, tips and tools to start or strengthen your GSA.

Learn More!  

You can find all the resources mentioned in the webinar, below. Check them out and SHARE!


Be a visible and supportive ally to your LGBT students. Includes Safe Space posters and stickers.

Share this tool with your GSA leaders to help make the club effective, inclusive and sustainable.


Learn about the experiences of LGBT youth in schools across the country.

Assess the climate of your school.

Make sure your GSA is counted.

OCTOBER: Identify, support and celebrate allies to LGBT students.


JANUARY: Focus on ending                name-calling of all kinds.


APRIL: Take action against anti-LGBT bullying and harassment.


Teach students about LGBT history.    


Connect with your GLSEN Chapter.

Find information on students' rights to form GSAs and more.