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Custom Genders Come to Facebook

Exciting news from Facebook today!

Starting right now, there are custom gender settings for individual profiles. In addition to “male” or “female,” you can now choose other gender identities that suit you best from a list of 50 identities that many people use to describe themselves. If you choose a custom gender you can also choose preferred pronouns.

So you could describe yourself as "Genderqueer," "Trans* Male," or "Cis Female." And you can select multiple identities too!

We know this is a change you'll be excited about and so we just wanted to give you a heads up. 

Gender identity and expression extend beyond “male” or “female.” By giving users a variety of gender options, Facebook is taking a huge leap in supporting people of all gender identities.

Will you take a second to join us in thanking Facebook for allowing us all to be ourselves?