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GLSEN StyleGuide for Partners

The following guidelines are provided for authorized partners using GLSEN branding. Please note that only approved partners are authorized to use GLSEN's logo and brand elements, and all final drafts must be approved by GLSEN before publication.

To request approval, if not already obtained, please contact your GLSEN point of contact, and/or email GLSEN's Graphic Design Manager, Raffi Ciavatta

In addition to the following logo-use guidelines, GLSEN's complete StyleGuide and logo suite are available for downloaded.

Guidelines for GLSEN Logo Use:

  • The logo should always be prominently displayed and clearly legible.
  • The ® registered symbol should always accompany the GLSEN logo, unless it would impede the design. Explicit permission must be requested and given in writing authorizing removal of the r-ball.
  • Avoid using the logo on top of an ultra-busy design.
  • Avoid using the logo on competing color backgrounds.
  • The appropriate version of the logo is to be used at all times, depending on design of materials (e.g. white inverse on a color background, RGB for web , CMYK for print).
  • The approved logo artwork should not be redrawn or modified in any way, whatsoever. No added drop shadow, stretching, or changing colors. 
  • While the color palette has been finalized, it is important to be mindful of the paper stock you select to maintain consistency in color.
  • The official GLSEN fonts, AGBuch and Trade Gothic style fonts, can be purchased online at, or can be substituted by Arial font.
  • GLSEN reserves the right to alert chapters and partners when branding standards are violated. Materials violating GLSEN brand standards will require immediate correction, or usage of said materials must cease.
  • GLSEN is happy to help elevate drafted materials to enhance visual presentation (if needed and if given realistic requests in a timely manner).
  • Our logo requires appropriate “clear space” to achieve maximum impact and legibility. Clear space must be a minimum of 1Ž2 N, which is equal to the half the height of the letter “N”. For print applications, the minimum size of the logo is 0.5" in height, measured from the baseline of the “N” to the top.