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National Student Council

Photos of three National Student Council Members with the words lead, organize, and educate next to each of them

The National Student Council is a GLSEN-sponsored youth leadership and engagement program. It is open to all youth currently enrolled in high school in the United States. Members of the National Student Council dedicate their time, passion, and commitment to the safer schools mission while also elevating the voices of marginalized groups within the LGBTQ community, including (but not limited to) youth of color, youth in rural communities, and transgender and gender nonconforming youth.

The 18 members of the National Student Council advise GLSEN programming and campaigns, offer valuable insight to GLSEN’s staff and Board of Directors, and share their stories with movers and shakers in the LGBTQ movement, from policymakers to media to donors. Their purpose is to be the experts of their experiences and to bring depth and breadth into GLSEN’s student work.

Applications for GLSEN's 2018-2019 National Student Council are now closed.

Photo of GLSEN's National Student Council at the 2017 NSC Summit
The 2017-2018 National Student Council Members in a closing circle at the 2017 summit

Members of GLSEN's National Student Council:

  • Work on a council of 18 high school students from across the U.S to advise on GLSEN programming and campaigns.
  • Attend an all-expenses-paid, four-day leadership summit in New York City, NY this summer, where you'll participate in workshops and gain valuable leadership experience through group exercises, individual storytelling opportunities, and thoughtful discussions about power, privilege, oppression, and intersectionality.
  • Advise GLSEN Days of Action, including Ally Week, No Name Calling Week, and Day of Silence.
  • Work on subcommittee projects giving depth and breadth into the safe schools movement.
  • Work with other council members, and sometimes independently, to create your own content that offers insight into the experiences of LGBTQ youth in school such as blogs, resources, and videos.
  • Network with major players in the LGBTQ movement at events such as the GLSEN Respect Awards.
  • Gain professional development through workshops with fellow student activists throughout the country.
  • Join GLSEN’s media ambassadors network which connects national media outlets to on-the-ground advocates to speak on LGBTQ safe schools issues.

Meet the 2018-2019 National Student Council! 

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Collage of headshots of queer youth that compose GLSEN's 2018-2019 National Student Council

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