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2018 GSA and Educator of the Year

A group of students, their advisors, and GLSEN's Executive Director Eliza Byard on the red carpet at the 2017 Respect Awards. The text says "Nominate GSA & Educator of the Year"

GLSEN is seeking an educator and GSA that have done exceptional work to make their schools LGBTQ-inclusive to be recognized at the 2018 GLSEN Respect Awards in New York. Honorees will win a free trip to New York to attend the ceremony!

Do you know a K-12 educator who goes above and beyond to make schools safer and more respectful for LGBTQ students? Are you that educator? Share your story and submit your nomination for Educator of the Year!

Has your Gender Sexuality Alliance (or whatever amazing name you might have given it) accomplished amazing things? Or do you know one that has? Share the awesome stuff your club has been doing and submit your nomination for GSA of the Year!