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In-Person Professional Development

Looking to improve school climate, support LGBT students, incorporate inclusive curriculum or implement a new anti-bullying or discrimination policy? 

GLSEN Professional Development (PD) workshops for K-12 schools and individual educators can be arranged through your local GLSEN Chapter. Chapters have the tools and resources to best meet the needs of schools in their local communities.

GLSEN PD workshops provide information, best practices, user-friendly tools and skill building. 


“Well-planned and executed staff development.”           “Very informative.”

 “LOVED IT!”        “Best training I have gone to. Thank you!”          "I'm grateful for GLSEN's work.”

“The experience allowed people to connect on a professional and personal level."    

“Let’s have staff trainings on LGBTQ issues at all our schools!”


Connect with a GLSEN Chapter near you for local workshop opportunities.

Need more information? Visit the GLSEN Professional Development FAQs.