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Prom is for Everyone

prom is for everyone

GLSEN believes that every student has the right to feel safe and accepted at prom.

Every year, GLSEN receives stories and requests from young people who are being told by school administrators to stay away from prom, or to come only if they’re willing to hide who they really are, because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Below are a few ways you can take action and get involved: 

Share your prom stories and photos:

Did you experience discrimination at your prom? Perhaps you attended a school with an inclusive prom policy.  Either way, we want to hear about what prom as an LGBT student or LGBT ally was like for you.  Tell us your story and include a photo from your big night.

Support Anais and Nathaniel:

Anais Celini wants to bring her boyfriend Nathaniel Baez to her senior prom at Martin Luther High School in New York. But the school won’t let them go – simply because Nathaniel is transgender. 

Sign your name to send a message of support to Anais and Nathaniel and tell them that they aren’t alone:
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