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Sample Admin Letter Ally Week

Sample Letter to Administration



I am writing to request a meeting with you to discuss your support of students’ participation in Ally Week.

Supported by GLSEN, a national education organization supporting safe and affirming schools for all students, Ally Week is a national youth-led effort empowering school communities to be allies to LGBTQ youth and advocate against bullying, harassment, and name-calling in schools.

Ally Week is an important way to kick off the school year, and is an opportunity for students to take the initiative to teach one another about difference, respect, and safety for all students.

We would like to participate in Ally Week by [INSERT YOUR PLANNED ACTIVITIES]. We would also like to encourage staff to participate as well; LGBTQ students with visible educator allies say they feel safer and more connected in their school community.

You can learn more about Ally Week at Please let me know if you would like any additional information about Ally Week.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, and will contact you within the week to confirm your receipt of my meeting request. If you would like to contact me sooner, I can be reached at [INSERT SAFE AND ACCESSIBLE CONTACT INFORMATION].

Thank you,