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Straightlaced from Groundspark

 GLSEN's amazing friends at Groundspark are offering a free stream for GSA's during No Name-Calling Week!


Straightlaced —How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up

An extremely high percentage of bullying, harassment, and ostracization experienced by middle, high school and even university students is connected to societal pressures to conform to expectations connected to gender and sexuality.  In Straightlaced, a very diverse cross section of 50 students speak with breathtaking honesty about these pressures, the impact on their lives, and what gives them the courage to break through. This is a film that will have every student riveted and ready to engage.  Running time: 66 minutes. 






Praise for Straightlaced:

 “I applaud this film because it actually brings forward the discussions that have to be a part of any community, and any school, if we are really going to treat everybody with dignity and respect… It lifts kids up to make them realize that it’s okay to be who you want to be.”

—Carlos Garcia, past Superintendent of San Francisco Unified School District


"When I heard we were going to watch this film I thought, 'This has nothing to do with me. This will be stupid.' But I was blown away. I never thought about the double standard for girls and guys around sex and how that could possibly be connected to what kids at school who might be gay are going through. Straightlaced made me think—A LOT and I think showing it here has made a big difference"

 High School football team captain, Modesto, CA


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