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Support LGBTQ Women and Femme Students

 Four LGBTQ Women and Femme Icons

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Students thrive when they see themselves reflected in their curriculum. For young LGBTQ women and femme students, this means learning about LGBTQ women and femmes of all backgrounds that reflect students’ own. 

Women’s History Month is in March. But supporting young women and femmes in school should be a year-round effort.

This month is a great opportunity to learn about intersectional feminism which is defined as the interlocking systems of oppression that impact gender, race, class, sexuality, etc. To address these systems we must center and honor LGBTQ women and femmes who face multiple forms of oppression. Uplifting the voices and leadership of Black and Brown queer women and femmes that live life at the intersections is critical to ensuring that all students feel safe and affirmed.

Educators and students can use the resources below to learn more about intersectional feminism, gender stereotypes, and rad women and femmes throughout history.

GLSEN Resources:

Additional Resources:

A picture of Audre Lorde next to a quote by her: "There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single issue lives."

 Learn More

Learn more about the incredible contributions women make! You can also check out the links below to connect with other women and girls nationwide, and see what opportunities exist for you to continue learning about women's rights. 

  • The National Women's History Project: Creators of Women's History Month and a good place to find a lot of resources to help celebrate the month, including their Women's History Brochure, Teacher's Lounge, Parents' Corner, and fun learning games and quizzes.
  • Women in History: This website offers different resources, including lessons and curriculum on women in a global context.
  • Feministing: A feminist blog and interactive space for young women to stay on top of the news and issues that affect them, and to exchange thoughts and ideas with each other.
  • Girls Inc.: More great resources for all girls, including fact sheets on sexual health and the Girls' Bill of Rights.
  • Everyday Feminism - Intersectional Feminism For Your Everyday Life - This online magazine is an educational platform for personal and social liberation. They have articles on “Fem 101” “Privilege” “LGBTQIA” “Trans & GNC” and other categories for you to keep researching and learning this Women’s History Month and beyond!


Students in a classroom taking notes