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Back to School

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Register your GSAS for a chance to win 10 rainbow composition notebooks.

GSAs are a force for change. With leaders at the top failing to support LGBTQ students, effecting change on the local level has never been more important.

That's why this back-to-school season, GLSEN is focused on empowering LGBTQ student clubs, their student leaders, and the educators who support them, to create change in their local schools.

The first 2,000 GSAs registered will get first access to the new GSA resources, and the first 25 GSAs to register will be featured on @glsen on Instagram with their favorite club selfie and a description of their #GSAgoals for the year! Also your GSA will be put in a raffle to receive a free pack of GLSEN rainbow composition notebooks!


Five Tips to Begin Your GSA!

  1. Register to receive new updates throughout the year to help support your GSA!
  2. Find your student leaders and establish roles.
  3. Plan your first meeting.
  4. Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!
  5. Establish ground rules and goals that your GSA wants to accomplish during the year.

Check out the Jumpstart Guide for more advice.


Support Trans Students  

Photo of GLSEN pronoun buttons on notepad

Especially in this political climate, it's important that we all work to effect change for trans and gender nonconforming students. Offering pronoun buttons is a simple way to start.

This month, we are giving away 10 Pronoun Button Club Packs to students who enter to contest by texting PRONOUN to 21333. Terms & Conditions.

$5.90 for 10 buttons of a single style
$19.90 for a Club Pack (40 buttons, 10 of each style)
$25.00 for 50 buttons of a single style

More resources:

Register for Ally Week

#MyAllies love me for who I am!

Looking for ways to start off the year with your GSA?

GLSEN's Ally Week is a student-powered program, this year from September 24-28, where LGBTQ K-12 students and LGBTQ educators lead the conversation on what they need from their allies in school.

To start, student leaders and K-12 educators should register their participation. All registrants receive the latest resources and updates, and educators also receive free streaming of classroom documentaries!

Educator Resources

Reading Rainbow

How will you support LGBTQ students as you head back to school?

Use our new Reading the Rainbow book to help you find pathways to including LGBTQ literature in your elementary classroom!

There are so many ways educators can work to empower LGBTQ students, especially GSA leaders, to effect change in their school. Start by making sure your classroom or office is an inclusive space for LGBTQ students, using these resources:

Want to discuss your ideas with like-minded educators? Join the Educator Network and Educator Facebook group.