Back to School 2021

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Returning to school—whether it’s in-person, virtual, or a mix of both—means navigating new opportunities and challenges. This upcoming school year, GLSEN’s work to create safe, affirming, and inclusive schools for LGBTQ+ youth continues to be critical as we all return to the classroom.

Welcome back and we hope you have a wonderful start to a new school year!

Preparing for a New School Year 🎒


As many of you start to gear up for your literature class, soccer practice, musical auditions, and/or restarting your GSAs; know that when you return to school, we are here to help you with our resources and stories from your peers.

Back To School Guide - Students

GLSEN Back to School 2021 Student Guide cover. There are a group of students and parents in the front over looking towards a school house, all in teal, gold, and white.


Educators, it’s important to recognize it may take time for yourself and your students to readjust to being in the classroom. To ease into the new school year, we encourage you to promote inclusion and safety as guiding values for your class.

Back to School Guide - Educators

GLSEN Back to School 2021 Educators Guide cover. There are a group of students and parents in the front over looking towards a school house, all in Dark blue, gold, and white.

Back to School 2021 Webinar Series 📚

You are invited to GLSEN’s Back to School Open House! Learn more about GLSEN’s educator and student support, Research Institute, Public Policy office, and how you can get involved in our Chapter network. Attendees will learn how to maximize GLSEN’s free available resources, program planning, and preparation tips for returning to school.

Watch and learn more about each webinar below!

Recorded Webinars



National Safe Learning Partnership: Back to School in the Time of COVID-19



Parents and Caregivers

U.S Department of Health and Human Services

Back to School Information on COVID-19

Our Vision of the Future Classroom 🏫

In preparation for the new school year, GLSEN has continued to advocate for LGBTQ+ youth through legislation and policy. Our vision of the future classroom is one that actively includes transgender and nonbinary youth, and the decriminalization of youth.

Learn more about GLSEN’s advocacy work that seeks to make schools a safer and more inclusive place for LGBTQ+ youth.



  • Trans and Nonbinary Research Brief
  • LGBTQ+ Youth in Sports Research Brief 
  • Disability Research Brief
  • GSA Study Report



  • GSA Study Webinar

GLSEN Programs

GLSEN’s Day of Silence, Solidarity Week, and the launch of Freedom Week are programs that are designed to give you the tools that you need to urge your school to address and help end anti-LGBTQ bullying and help build a school community around solidarity and respect for all.