These Students Made Art to Put #KindnessInAction at Their Schools

For No Name-Calling Week 2019, we encouraged students and educators across the country to create artwork using the theme of #KindessInAction in K-12 schools, because artwork has the power to change school climates for the better. 

Cole Mendelsoh, Milton Terrace Elementary

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? This drawing shows love for all.

Elizabeth Keating, St. Luke's School

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? Our submission is a compelling series of Posters, which are a call-to-action and awareness building on behalf of No Name-Calling Week. It highlights the school's support of the initiative and showcases the school's various activities throughout the week. 

Mary Uribe, Minarets High School

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? My submission shows the support of women and human rights as a whole. We are all individuals of power and sacrifice. We are the future and the strongest people in the world.