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Local Safe Space Training

GLSEN Hawai`i is thrilled to announce FREE, research-based training opportunities for educators

To request a training please go to this link and provide more information about what you are interested in, a GLSEN Hawai`i Board Member will get back to you shortly.

In September 2013, three GLSEN Hawai`i Board Members were sent to New York City to participate in the GLSEN National Professional Development Training of Trainers.  Now, GLSEN Hawai`i is thrilled to offer Professional Development Workshops to teachers, faculty, staff, and administrators at K-12 schools in Hawai`i!

GLSEN’s Hawai`i Trainers are educators and trainers who have many years of experience working in Hawai`i schools with our unique populations of youth and families. We will include local data and examples of what is already working in schools around our state. 

The GLSEN Professional Development Workshops are based on more than 20 years of national research and aim to make schools safer, healthier and more respectful for all students. A GLSEN Hawai`i Professional Development Workshop will include: 

  • An overview of GLSEN’s mission, vision, history, and an examination of the research
  • An in-depth look at GLSEN’s four major recommendations for creating safer schools for LGBTQ youth
  • Practical applications of these recommendations (including campaigns, in-classroom activities, and teaching tools)
  • Local and National Resources, as well as providing the school with a GLSEN “Safe Space Kit”

GLSEN Hawai`i is also offering shorter, introductory workshops (1.5-3hours):  “MAKING SCHOOLS SAFER FOR ALL STUDENTS: AN INTRODUCTION TO GLSEN.”  These shorter workshops will include: GLSEN’s mission, vision, history, and an overview of the research, an in-depth look at several GLSEN Campaigns (with examples of in-classroom activities), and an overview of local and National Resources.