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About Us

Who We Are

GLSEN Maryland is Maryland's chapter of GLSEN, the leading national organization championing LGBTQ issues in K-12 education. After being named GLSEN Baltimore for over a decade, the chapter recently officially became GLSEN Maryland, recognizing its growth into a statewide organization. GLSEN Maryland serves students and schools in all 24 counties in Maryland, although heavy focus is placed on Baltimore City and rural areas of the State.

Our Mission: To ensure all Maryland schools are safe and welcoming for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Our Vision: We envision a world where all youth learn to accept and respect one another.

Staff and Volunteers

Jabari M. Lyles (he/him), Executive Director

Jabari Lyles has over 10 years of experience working in various positions that emphasize his passion for education and social justice activism. He is currently Executive Director of GLSEN Maryland and a member of GLSEN’s national staff. He is the former executive director and current President of GLCCB, Baltimore's LGBTQ community center and producer of Baltimore Pride, has worked with FreeState Justice, a Maryland LGBTQ legal organization as an Outreach Specialist and Program Coordinator, and has years of experience as a public school teacher and speaker in Baltimore City. Jabari has presented on LGBTQ issues at conferences locally, statewide and nationally. He is involved with a number of workgroups and coalitions in Maryland working towards positive outcomes for youth most at-risk. Jabari is a Maryland native and currently lives in the Reservoir Hill neighborhood of Baltimore City.


Kevi-Smith Joyner (they/them), Education & Youth Programs Associate

Kevi Smith-Joyner is the current Education and Youth Programs Associate for GLSEN Maryland. A community leader, they have worked with the GLCCB to run the current youth group “Youth Against Oppression” and was recently crowned as Baltimore Pride 2017’s "Youth Activist of the Year". They’re dedicated to creating a safer and inclusive Baltimore centered on creating equality and equity for all marginalized groups.



 Jamilah Johnson (she/her), Youth Programs Intern

Jamilah is an intern at GLSEN Maryland who assists in data entry and event planning. She strives to educate the youth about the LGBTQ+ community and further the importance of equality and knowledge. By working for GLSEN, Jamilah has the chance to support a community that plays a vital part of her identity. She has also participated in various programs including the Light City Teen Scholars and Youth Leadership Program. In Jamilah’s eyes, everyone deserves to be respected, so why not help create the safe space?




Board of Directors

Natalie Avallone (she/her), Baltimore County Public Schools

Sgt. Kevin Bailey (he/him), Baltimore City Police Department

Jeffrey Lynne (he/him), Maryland Department of Human Resources

Wyatt Oroke (he/him), Baltimore City Public Schools