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Since 2009, with the launch of our signature program Safe Space for All - Baltimore, we have been able to support thousands of students and educators across Maryland with training, outreach and advocacy. Our initiatives are focused around implementing GLSEN's four interventions for safer schools: (1) supportive educators (2) student clubs/gsas (3) inclusive curricula (4) enumerated policies. Read about our work below and how we may be able to support your school, GSA or organization.

Safe Space For All - Maryland

Safe Space for All - Maryland is a comprehensive outreach and training program for Maryland K-12 public schools and school systems. The program provides professional development training sessions for teachers, school staff and administrators on the needs and experiences of LGBTQ youth, common vocabulary, and specific strategies for building a school environment welcoming of everyone. In addition to training, we strategize with individual school communities to build or strengthen GSA clubs, examine school policies, or identify resources for inclusive curricula. We are available to any school, however we target rural and under-resourced areas of the State. Our training and outreach services are 100% free to public K-12 schools. Use the link below to submit a request for training or other services.

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Safe Space For All - Baltimore

SSFA Baltimore is our first and longest-running program. The program provides LGBTQ outreach and training services to schools in Baltimore City. We recognize the need to support students in teachers specifically in Baltimore City, a district unfairly plagued with intersecting factors that at times contribute to poor outcomes for students. In Baltimore City, 1 out of 5 students identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual (according to the 2014 Youth Risk Behavior Survey). Focusing our work in Baltimore City gives us a unique opportunity to address the most pressing needs in our State.

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GSA Outreach & Support

According to the 2015 GLSEN National School Climate Survey, students who have GSAs at their schools are less likely to feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation, and less likely to experience victimization related to sexual orientation, as well as gender expression. We are experts at creating and maintaining strong, healthy student clubs to address the needs of the school community, or to provide a safe space for youth to connect. Are you interested in starting a GSA at your school? Do you already have a GSA at your school, but want to make it better? Follow the links below to request services or register your GSA with us!

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Youth Summit

Each year we host a leadership and advocacy conference for high school-aged LGBTQ youth, youth allies and GSA advisors at Towson University. Our summit links young leaders from different areas of Maryland with each other and with local community leaders to network, build relationships, share knowledge and develop plans for creating change in local communities. The event features keynote speakers, educational workshops, dinner and a dance party. The summit is and will always be free for all participants. This year's summit, Resist: Youth Summit 2017, will focus on engaging youth in activism, organizing and healthy, effective forms of resistance. Click here to register.


In 2014, a small group of LGBTQ youth-serving professionals and advocates met to create one of Maryland's best events for LGBTQ youth, the LGBTQ Prom. The prom is an intentional safe space for youth to enjoy their special night surrounded in safety, affirmation and love. Proms can be awkward for LGBTQ youth, as cisnormative and heteronormative traditions surrounding the event make little room for queer identity. Youth are encouraged to be their authentic selves at our Prom. Our first Prom, A Night Under the Stars, attracted over 120 youth. Last year's Prom, Enchanted Forest, drew nearly 350 youth from Maryland, DC, Virginia and other areas. Stay tuned for information about the 2018 Prom.