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PD Workshop Series

Supporting LGBTQ Students & Educators in Massachusetts K-12 Schools


GLSEN Massachusetts often hosts Professional Development Workshops to help foster safer, healthier and more respectful learning environments for all students. Together, we can ensure that all students have access to meaningful educational experiences, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or  gender expression. All workshops offer promising practices and skill-building designed to meaningfully support and engage various communities of people in K-12 environments. Below is a sample of our specialized professional development topics: 


LGBTQ Students of Color 

LGBTQ students of color face multiple forms of oppression in their lives and may feel isolated and/or invisible at school. Challenging all forms of oppression and empowering students and staff begins with recognizing existing issues of bias and facilitating open dialogue about how these biases affect others.


Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

This professional development session will provide a comprehensive overview of Massachusetts laws, policies, resources available and best practices for supporting transgender and gender nonconforming students in K-12 schools.


Parent, Family & Caregiver Engagement 

Engaging parents, caregivers and families as allies for LGBTQ youth helps promote resilience for all students. This session will provide strategies for engaging caregivers in the process of creating safer, healthier and more respectful environments for all students. 


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