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Internship Opportunities

NOW RECRUITING – Community Engagement Interns

Community Engagement Interns will be the primary points of contact for GLSEN in the regions for which they are selected and will be tasked with developing a robust understanding of GLSEN’s programs, resources, policies, research, and other activities so as to serve as resident “experts” on LGBTQ issues in K-12 education and ambassadors for the GLSEN Chapter.

Interns will interact professionally with other leaders in the community, communicate with stakeholders and constituents, and represent GLSEN Tennessee in a variety of settings. GLSEN internship opportunities are designed to accommodate flexible schedules and allow interns to support the statewide efforts of the chapter remotely from their own home or community.

In collaboration with Chapter Leadership, GLSEN Interns will develop their own work plans for the duration of their experience. Work plans will include at least one project from each of these domains: Student Leadership, Professional Development, Resource Dissemination, Public Policy, Communication & Outreach, and Organizational Development.

Given the autonomous nature of the internship, successful GLSEN interns must be ambitious, creative, flexible, trustworthy, accountable, and, above all else, must maintain open, honest communication with Chapter Leadership about their expectations, limitations, and needs for the successful completion of their projects. Interns will participate in weekly face-to-face check-ins with their supervisor either in person or by video call. While interns have a lot to learn from their experience with GLSEN, we also recognize that team members bring unique skills, talents, and interests that can help us work in new and novel ways – GLSEN Tennessee is committed to working with interns 1-on-1 to ensure rich and rewarding experiences that foster growth for the organization and the individual.

Download the Internship Opportunity Guide for additional details including working conditions and standards, candidate eligibility, important dates and deadlines, and the internship application form.