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Our Tennessee Chapter

 Letter From GLSEN Tennessee

GLSEN Tennessee is a chapter of GLSEN. We support the rights of all students to attend school in a safe and affirming environment, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Your help in this mission go a long way in helping us realize a broader vision of how the “whole school” must serve the “whole child”— ensuring not only safe schools, but great schools.

Since 1990, GLSEN has led the way on LGBT issues in K-12 education. Through pioneering research, program development and advocacy, GLSEN has made the case for the urgency and importance of these issues, and identified effective school-based solutions. Today, GLSEN remains at the vanguard of the “Safe Schools Movement,” many thanks to the active partnerships with the largest national organizations in elementary/secondary education, youth development and youth service, civil and human rights. The GLSEN-led National Safe Schools Partnership, for example, now includes more than 90 member organizations, and within the past year, each of GLSEN’s bullying-prevention strategies has been endorsed by a federal agency as a best practice in education or youth development. UNESCO has asked GLSEN to assist with the exchange of knowledge and best practice with NGOs and education ministries worldwide.

GLSEN is now focused on leveraging our access and assets to ensure that K-12 education continues to advance on LGBT issues: becoming fully inclusive of transgender students; addressing the multiple challenges confronting LGBT students of color; adopting GLSEN’s proven model policies and programs on a broader scale; and contributing to an emerging international dialogue on LGBT human rights issues and educational access for all children. To do this, we partner with and engage all education stakeholders, most particularly the students who experience our schools every day and are in the best position to help change them.

Your support helps make GLSEN the most transformational organizations of its kind, addressing important school safety issues that have relevance to every member of today's school communities. Together we are creating climates and attitudes of respect that will resonate across generations.  We are very grateful to have your support to make this happen.


Aly Chapman, Chapter Co-Chair – East TN
Justin Sweatman-Weaver, Chapter Co-Chair – Middle TN
Kimberly Taylor, Chapter Co-Chair – West TN
Dexx Baker, Chapter Secretary
Vacant, Chapter Treasurer
Jamila Wilson, Training & Professional Development Co-Chair
Julie Bisgaard, Training & Professional Development Co-Chair
Shawn Reilly, Student Engagement & Leadership Chair
Vacant, School Support & Advocacy Chair
Del Ray Zimmerman, Board Member At-Large
Kishen Patel, Board Member At-Large
Vacant, Board Member At-Large