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The story of GLSEN Phoenix’s 2017 Pride Banner

Back in January, our 2017 Pride Captains began a journey to come up with a pride theme that encompassed the urgent need to protect the rights of LGBTQ youth in K-12 schools across greater Phoenix. The committee unanimously adopted Our Rights Are Not for Debate as our official theme as an ode to 70’s protestation pride marches.
It was also decided that our objectives this year were to 1) unify our community and 2) raise awareness to what our youth believe are the essential supports they require in schools to feel safe and affirmed.

This year’s banner is an abstract symbol of unity. The banner incorporates the colors of various pride flags including the LGBT pride flag, transgender pride flag, asexual pride flag, gender queer pride and non-binary pride flag, pansexual pride flag and the bisexual pride flag. By marching with a flag of various colors, we create a welcoming, affirming, loving and safe space where difference is valued for the positive contribution it makes in creating a more vibrant and diverse community.

Our 2017 Pride Captains

Emitt Bryant
Britanee Hudson
Hector Jaramillo
Christi Keisling
Ricardo Martinez
Ezra Nardozzi
Patrick Nightingale

Sean Nonnenmacher
Brian Peffly
Alyssa Rosetta
Aiden Shah
Luke Stradling
Yaiza Van Horn

Xenia Vandendriessche
Calvin Watkins
Thera Wolven
Tara Zeiner

About the Artist

Jeff Slim (Diné)
Influential elements of one’s life are constantly changing and evolving into something beautiful or gruesome. It’s within these shifts Jeff finds himself utilizing various mediums of art to convey these spellbound moments. It is a collection of sentimental memories of stories he has read, heard and experienced that are eventually transpired into the work. A continuous exploration of ways to communicate and connect with our surroundings.