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SHINE Student Leadership Program!

What is the SHINE Student Leadership Team?

GLSEN Phoenix’s SHINE Student Leadership Team is a year-long program that begins with a Summer Intensive which prepares LGBTQ youth and their allies to lead GSAs or advocacy campaigns throughout the school year. Topics included in the Summer Intensive are LGBTQ history, safe school organizing, planning around Days of Action, influence mapping, and storytelling. At the heart of the program is the SHINE Team, select youth and adults who meet regularly throughout the year, develop leadership skills and work on a group project to positively impact local school communities. Applicants must be middle or high school students (Grades 6-12) during the 2019-2020 school year and be a Maricopa County resident. To apply to become a member of the SHINE Team, please submit your application between March 1st and May 1st.

SHINE applications now open - Apply here!

Expectations of a Shine leader

  • Mandatory attendance at SHINE Summer Intensive June 2019 that results in:
    • A unified SHINE Team
    • A foundation for youth leadership
    • A SHINE project and clear plan with assigned tasks and timeline
    • A wider knowledge of GLSEN’s mission and history
    • An awareness of local resources and individual network connections
  • Strong commitment to year-long program comprised of:
    • One (1) monthly face-to-face project planning meetings (2-3 hours in length)
    • Regular virtual collaboration and planning tasks (totally 5-7 hours per month)
    • And a SHINE Graduation Ceremony in May 2020
  • Assist in the planning of GLSEN Phoenix’s Back2School Summit in August 2019
  • Lead the planning of SHINE projects chosen by the SHINE Team that can be a single large event or multiple small events that positively impact their schools and/or community, including but not limited to:
    • A Breaking the Silence Event
    • A GSA Celebration Night
    • A No Name Calling Week Event
    • An Ally Week Event
    • A National Coming Out Day Event
  • Give a brief group presentation on the SHINE Team’s chosen project(s) at GLSEN Phoenix’s Back2School Summit
  • Work cohesively with a diverse team of high school students and adult mentors
  • Consistent communication with SHINE Leaders and SHINE Team between face-to-face meetings utilizing:
    • Email
    • Video conference calls
    • Phone calls
    • Private Facebook group for team collaboration
  • Growth mindset that allows for constant learning and views mistakes or setbacks as learning opportunities
  • Have fun!

Skills and leadership traits you'll learn

  • Awareness of issues facing LGBTQ youth in schools
  • Patience and capacity to work as a team member
  • Ability to identify community needs
  • Engagement in innovative problem solving with input from team



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