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Letter from GLSEN Southern New Jersey

GLSEN is the leading national organization creating safe and LGBTQ- inclusive K-12 schools. Ours is one of a national network of 40 community-led GLSEN Chapters organizing students, educators, parents, and community leaders to improve school climate by advocating for four evidence-based supports:

Supportive Educators - We work to support and train local educators on how to support LGBTQ students and their student clubs, so that they can fulfill academic potential.

Student-led GSA clubs - We support area elementary, middle, and high school student clubs that provide leadership opportunities to LGBTQ and allied students while creating safer and more inclusive schools for all.

Inclusive Curriculum - We support educators and students in advocating for inclusive curriculum, because students deserve to see accurate and affirming representations of themselves throughout the school curriculum.

Comprehensive Policies - We work with students, educators, parents, and community leaders to advance comprehensive anti-harassment, anti-bullying, and non-discrimination policies and legislation in school districts and statewide that specifically protect LGBTQ students. Such policies help ensure educators are supported in preventing and reporting anti-LGBTQ harassment and discrimination.

Chapters like ours play an important role in bringing GLSEN's programs and visions to local communities. While some chapters have full-time or part-time staff, most are entirely volunteer-based. We're always looking for new volunteers to help us ensure safe schools for all students.

Learn more about the local work of GLSEN Southern New Jersey and how you can get involved in local and national events to create safe and inclusive schools for all.

Thank you, GLSEN Southern New Jersey