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School Climate in Washington State

This report examines the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students in Washington State, using available data from GLSEN's 2013 National School Climate Survey. Its findings include:


  • The vast majority of LGBT students in Washington regularly heard anti-LGBT remarks. 
  • Most LGBT students in Washington had been victimized at school. The majority of these incidents were not reported to adult authorities.
  • Many LGBT students in Washington did not have access to in-school resources and supports.


  • Implement comprehensive school anti-bullying/harassment policies
  • Support Gay-Straight Alliances
  • Provide professional development for school staff on LGBT student issues
  • Increase student access to LGBT-inclusive curricular resources. 

About GLSEN's 2013 National School Climate Survey
The 2013 National School Climate Survey(pdf) is GLSEN's 8th biennial report on the school experiences of LGBT youth in schools, including the in-school resources that support LGBT students’ well-being, the extent of the challenges that they face at school, and insights into many other aspects of LGBT students’ experiences. The survey has consistently indicated that a safer school climate directly relates to the availability of LGBT school-based resources and support, including Gay-Straight Alliances, inclusive curriculum, supportive school staff, and comprehensive anti-bullying policies.