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Presentation/Training Request Form

Thank you for your interest in GLSEN Connecticut! This form will help us find out more about your presentation or training needs. Not sure what kind of presentation or training you would like our chapter to facilitate? We’ll help you figure it out! Some possible topics include:

  • "Intro to GLSEN Connecticut"
  • "LGBT 101"
  • "Safe Space Kit Training"
  • "How to Create a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)"
  • "How to Be an Effective Ally to LGBTQ Students"
  • "How to Work Effectively with LGBTQ Students of Color"
  • "Support and Resources for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students"
  • "Building LGBTQ-Inclusive Elementary Schools"

Starting January 1, 2017, GLSEN Connecticut will be charging for any presentations/trainings one hour or longer in duration. All of the money we receive from presentations/trainings will not go to any volunteers directly but rather the entire chapter. The money we receive from presentations/trainings will also help increase our chapter's limited budget and allow us to offer more resources for agencies and schools that need them. These funds will also go to underwriting the costs of our two major awards, the Leif E. Mitchell Safe Schools Award and the Joy Lenters Award.

Most of the fees below are negotiable, and our chapter is willing to work with the budgetary constraints of your agency or school:
- 1-hour Presentation=$100 plus materials and travel

- 1.5-hour Presentation=$200 plus materials and travel

- 2-hour Presentation=$300 plus materials and travel

- 2.5-hour Presentation=$400 plus materials and travel

- Half-Day (3-5 hours) Professional Development (PD) Workshop=$500-$1000 plus materials and travel

- Full-day (5-8 hours) PD Workshop=$1500-$2000 plus materials and travel

What's the difference between a presentation and PD workshop? A presentation is primarily informational and includes a Q & A with participants. In contrast, a PD workshop is informational and interactive and includes several activities, such as role-playing and scenario discussions, for participants.

Please submit all questions and training request forms via e-mail to