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How to Run an Effective GSA Meeting

 Running a GSA meeting can be intimidating! Not to worry, with GLSEN’s tips, you will be an awesome facilitator in no time!  

Before scheduling a meeting, ask yourself... 

  • Is the meeting necessary? 
  • Are the time and location selected appropriate? 
  • Who should attend this meeting? 
  • Who should facilitate this meeting? 
  • What are the expected outcomes? 
  • How can I make sure all attendees participate actively? 


Tips for Running a Great Meeting 

  • Be prepared! Create an agenda and review it with the group at the beginning of the meeting. 
  • Set guidelines and community agreements as to how the meeting will operate. 
  • Always start and end on time. 
  • Provide snacks, if possible. 
  • Introduce people who have not been to a meeting before to the group. 
  • Be specific about meeting outcomes and expectations. 
  • Assign tasks to participants, such as timekeeper and note taker. 
  • Schedule the next meeting! 
  • Follow up on conversations from previous meetings. 
  • E-mail and post meeting reminders on Facebook. 


Guidelines for Facilitators 

  • Let the discussion flow, but do not lose control of the conversation. 
  • Remain neutral. If issues arise, try to not take them personally. 
  • Actively listen to what participants are saying. 
  • Be prepared to improvise if needed. 
  • Make decisions, recommendations and assign tasks to move the group forward! 
Do you have tips for running a great GSA meeting?