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GSA Actions to Expand Awareness of Transgender Issues

Here are a bunch of actions your GSA can do to increase awareness of transgender issues! 

  • Start each meeting of your student club with introductions, inviting each person to share her/his/hir/their name and preferred gender pronouns (PGP).
  • Just like with other identities, many people develop their gender identity through different paths and at different rates. Be sure to create room in your GSA as members understand their identities. Be supportive of people wherever they are in their own process, and let them know there is no rush in defining or understanding their own personal gender identity.
  • Leave a blank line on forms that your student club or school uses when asking for gender, rather than having only two boxes for female or male. Also, think about why students are asked to identify their gender in school forms: Is it medically necessary information? Is it to track demographics and diversity? If there does not appear to be a good reason to ask the question, request that it be removed.
  • Launch a campaign to create all gender bathrooms at your school, such as single-stall bathrooms. This would provide a safe space where students of any gender or gender identity would be able to change for a sport or use the bathroom. Make sure this place is practical and in a fair location (i.e. not across campus, far from the gym, etc.)
  • Support parents and educators in learning more about transgender issues by sharing with them resources like this one.
  • Join or create a coalition with transgender advocacy groups in your community.
  • Create a poster campaign to advertise a meeting or rally to raise awareness about transgender issues, such as Transgender Day of Remembrance.
  • Learn about the contributions of transgender people throughout history! Learn more here.

Connect with transgender students, gender nonconforming students and their allies on the Transgender Student Rights Facebook group!