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Tips for Finding New GSA Members

Every GSA could use more members, right? We've heard your calls for GSA membership ideas and here it is! Below are just a few of our favorite ways to get more GSA members. Of course, we can't take all the credit. Many of these ideas were inspired by YOU, the amazing GSAs across the country! Get creative, get to planning, get to finding new members! 


Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!
Plan a meeting for making posters. Come up with catchy slogans, cool art and colorful graphics. Bring in your favorite quotes. Posters not only can advertise meetings, but also educate your school and prompt interesting conversations. Never underestimate the importance of visibility!

You're Invited!
The easiest way to get new people to your meetings is to simply ask! Asking someone in person, one-on-one, provides an opportunity for you to tell the person why they should come, and how important their contribution would be.

Sheets
Having sign in sheets enables students to give information about who they are and how you can contact them (such as email or phone) about upcoming meetings. Be sure that you ask for safe places to contact members.

Bring a Friend Day
Every member of the club brings a friend to the meeting. This can help get new people involved in the group while changing people's perceptions about what the group is and their goals.

School Newspaper
An editorial, letter to the editor, or notice in the school newspaper can be a great way to let other students know about what's going on in your club and what your club is about. 

Setting up a table can be a great way to give out information on your club, its issues and current events. Some schools have a club fair where you can table; others allow school clubs to set up during lunch in the cafeteria. 

Club Share
Work with other school clubs to plan shared events. Each club can take turns holding a special open event, and other clubs can attend as a group to support it and learn more about the club. This is a great way to build connections with other clubs while reaching students with your information. 

Provide Snacks
It's always nice to have some snacks available, and this is a great way to encourage people to come by your meeting-especially if you meet after school or during lunch. 

Movie Time
Screening a movie with an LGBT-related theme can be a great way to attract potential members. After the screening, hold an open discussion about the movie that ties into issues concerning your club. 

Guest Speakers
Many groups invite speakers or guests form the local LGBT or diversity groups to discuss different issues. Speakers may be invited for an open meeting or an administration-approved, school-wide event. Community groups that have been invited to schools include GLSEN Chapters, PFLAG Chapters, the local ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and local LGBT community groups.