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Bullied Trans Student Facing Charges

A bullied transgender teenager is facing criminal charges for confronting her bullies after her school failed to interveneWe need your help today.

Jewlyes Gutierrez is a 16-year-old transgender teenager who has been bullied for years because of her gender identity. She says she approached her vice principal to try to make it stop, but nothing changed. When she couldn’t take it anymore and defended herself, a fight broke out with three other students. They were all suspended.

However, the Contra Costa County district attorney singled Jewlyes out with a criminal charge of battery, despite the fact that she is seen trying to get away from her tormenters in a cell phone video. The school board president even said the charges are outrageous.

Jewlyes’ sister started a petition on to get the charges dropped. Will you sign it today?

Stand with Jewlyes and take a stand against transphobia and racism in school discipline.

Click here to add your name. Tell the district attorney to drop the charges.