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It is time for Wichita district policy to protect LGBTQ students! 

Will you help us ensure that Wichita LGBTQ students feel safe, valued, and respected at school? 

Take Action:

Use  this link to email the Wichita Public School Board Members. 

What to include in your email:

- Who are you? Are you a student, parent, community member?
- What do you want to see change? Are you asking for more inclusive policy? More inclusive curriculum? Improved processes for addressing bullying? Education for admins and teachers to understand how to create safer and more inclusive schools/classrooms?
- Why do you want to see this change? Share your reasons for wanting to see this change. This is the perfect time to share your personal stories!

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to ensure that our LGBTQ students feel safe, valued, and respected at school! 

More resources to help you write your letter:
Read what School Board Member Ben Blankley has to say about the need for LGBTQ-inclusive policies.

- Check out our Kansas Snapshot of the National School Climate Survey to see the statistics about Kansas LGBTQ students' school experiences. 

- Check out our Respect for All policy resource.