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Our Commitment to Research

 We all want to help schools become safe, respectful communities, but how do we know where to start? What are the challenges that students and educators face? What works best to address those challenges?

GLSEN has been conducting research and evaluation on LGBTQ issues in K-12 education since 1999. Our research staff members are nationally-recognized experts, trusted by safe schools advocates and researchers alike to provide the facts about what’s really going on in U.S. schools. Our research has been used for…

  • Informing legislators about the challenges that LGBTQ students face in their home states.
  • Letting principals and other administrators know why Gay-Straight Alliances, enumerated policies and other resources are so important to creating safe and respectful school communities.
  • Educating students and school staff about student experiences of bullying and harassment.
  • Developing best practices and resources for creating safe and affirming schools.

We have so much information available, you’re bound to find the facts you need to make the case for safe, respectful schools for all students.

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